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ZAMAX Smart Massage Chair, Massage Chair Zero Gravity Space Capsule SL Rail Multifunctional Sofa Chair,Adult Massage Chair

May 16,2021 06:57:46 UTC –

ZAMAX is our high-end, please rest assured to order, we will officially start selling our (ZAMAX) products worldwide in 2021! We have been providing top-level services to our quality customers! Top custom 4D Massage Chair
Neck and shoulder kneading massage, using the flexibility of the manipulator, perform a tight and loose pinch in a certain part, the strength is light and heavy, continuous and rhythmic, gentle and coherent massage.
Foot shiatsu massage, using the airbag of the foot to squeeze the foot surface, and then rolling through the foot finger pressure plate, to achieve a real massage effect like a technician, making the foot massage more forceful.
AI bionic manipulator, learning hand massage. Withhold, knead, thrash.
The 139cmSL guide goes directly to the hip, and the robot body is intelligently detected.

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