Wavertree & London Goats Milk (8 Bars)
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Wavertree & London Goats Milk (8 Bars)

Oct 13,2020 03:12:24 UTC

INGREDIENTS – We use 100% PURE PLANT OILS – sustainable palm oils, organic Shea Butter, Goats Milk, Goats Milk Protein and vegetable glycerin. No Animal Fats, SLS, detergents, or harsh chemicals. Just pure premium grade plant oils.
MOISTURIZING BAR – Our moisturizing soap is mild and non-drying. You will notice your skin becomes softer and smoother.
LATHER – The creamy lather rinses off cleanly. You feel squeaky clean and fresh after washing. You will have none of that dryness feel that causes you to add lotion to your skin afterwards
LONG-LASTING BAR – The French-Milling process blends the ingredients into a paste before the bar is created. The result is a long-lasting bar with a superior lather. The bar is free of air pockets, excess moisture, stays hard and does not get soft or dissolve with use.

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