Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner Review Photos Price

Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner Review Photos PriceBe Beautilicious

Today’s review is about Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner. Conditioner is an integral part of my hair care routine. Hair cleansers are purifying n nature. They wash off the dirt and impurities from the hair and scalp. This cleansing action is often very drying for our hair cuticles.
Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner Review Photos Price

Dry cuticles can lead to dull looking hair, lack of lustre, brittleness and eventually split ends. Curly and wavy hair types are more prone to hair breakage and damage. I belong to this category. So, I always finish my hair cleansing routine with a nourishing conditioner.

Conditioner creates a protective layer of moisture around the hair strands and prevents frizzy looking hair. I like to use shampoos and conditioner from the same range. I recently purchased the Almond & Honey Smoothness Shampoo from Sunsilk. I bought Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner to pair it up. Here’s how I feel about this newly launched variant of Sunsilk Conditioner.

About Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner

Sunsilk naturals range presents the all New Almond & Honey Smoothness Hair conditioner. It is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like almond & honey. Our exclusive formula deeply nourishes your hair making it silky smooth and moisturizes it Honey has been popular for centuries for its nourishing properties.

Almond oil is well known to give smooth, soft and silky hair.An exclusive formula with 0% alcohol (evaporating alcohol) and no added parabens. With goodness of almond and honey, this formula will protect and nourish your hair giving hair an amazing softness and making it silky smooth.Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner Review Photos Price

Packaging: Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner comes in an opaque white plastic bottle with flip cap. The upside down packaging is very user-friendly. The quality of the packaging is very good. It is not flimsy and won’t break easily.

Sunsilk’s entire conditioner collection has eaxtly same packaging; just the colour codes are different. This Almond variant is colour coded in white and warm yellow-orange. The full ingredients list is given in the back side of the pack. Overall, it’s a travel-safe packaging.

Colour & Consistency: The conditioner is pure white in colour. Its consistency is thick and creamy. This kind of texture is quite common in silicone based conditioners. This is also one of those. However, it does not contain parabens. This rich conditioner is best suited on dry to extra dry hair. It does provide an instant smoothness to my hair. 

Fragrance: Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner has warm vanilla aroma. The fragrance will remind you of vanilla cupcakes. The shampoo from this range also has similar fragrance but the conditioner has more intensity to the smell. The fragrance is not very unique though. Garnier’s Ultra Blend range had a similar fragrance conditioner. That one got discontinued last year.

Quantity & Price: Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner costs Rs.149 for 180ml. This is the bigger size of this range. There’s one travel size available in this collection which costs Rs.73 for 80ml. This is a budget friendly conditioner. Sunsilk offers 15-25% discount on the bigger size every now and then.

My Overall Thoughts

Sunsilk Almond & Honey Smoothness Conditioner is basically a product for dry hair types. It is a standard silicone based formula. If you don’t like silicone in your conditioner then it’s not a product for you. Coming to the effectiveness, it did perform well for my hair. My hair is wavy. This type of hair is prone to tangling and frizz.

The natural oil from my scalp does not reach to the ends of my hair. So, my hair looks dehydrated if I am not using deep moisturizing hair care products. Most silicone free conditioner does not click for me. They can’t control the unruly baby hairs or tangles at the hair ends.

I have to go for silicone based conditioners. This conditioner provides moderate to heavy conditioning. It makes my hair manageable and makes combing a cake-walk. Just like any other silicone conditioners, this one too can cause product build up if used in excess.

I have to use a clarifying shampoo sometimes to get rid of the build up. If you are looking for a conditioner that helps to define your curls better, do try this one.

Rating: 3.5/5

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