Somme Institute A-Bomb, All Skin Types, 2 ounces
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Somme Institute A-Bomb, All Skin Types, 2 ounces

Oct 27,2021 03:23:34 UTC –

Somme Institute’s A-Bomb is perfect for all skin types. It is a great moisturizer, with the added benefit of repairing skin where needed. It harnesses the power of MDT5 to reduce the visible signs of aging, restore hydration, promote skin cell turnover, reverse sun damage, and more! This lightweight moisturizer works for all skin types and conditions.
A-Bomb works with all skin types and conditions, and is especially good for fighting and preventing acne outbreaks. It is completely non-comedogenic. It is relatively fast absorbing, but we do recommend allowing it to absorb completely before finishing with EYE cream and a sunscreen.
Can be applied up to twice a day, in the morning and at night. Apply to face, neck and décolleté. For best results, use after Serum. Follow with EYE cream and your favorite sunscreen. Works well under makeup.
In addition to MDT5, this product includes naturally-derived ingredients to heal and nourish your skin, such as ylang ylang, jasmine, geranium, lavender, marigold, galbanum, and more. There is always a risk of a reaction, so please make sure to read the whole list of ingredients before using.

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