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ROPALIA Hair Wax Stick Rose Flavor Broken Hair Finishing Cream Hair Dyeing Cream Broken Hair Cream Shaping Gel Hair Wax Stick Hairstyle Tool 75g

Healthy and Natural Materials: Made of natural plant ingredients, the wax is natural elastic and moisturizing, non-greasy, natural, safe and non-irritating to use, and does not damage hair. Therefore, it is easy to clean and has no residue, which makes the hair shiny and maintains hair style.
Long Lasting: Mainly aimed at customers who have hair, quickly comb the messy hair, prevent the hair from drying and knotting, and make the hair long-lasting.
Ease of Use: Quickly organize broken hair; easy to use; suitable for all kinds of hairstyles, straight hair, curly hair; can effectively help you fix small hair or bangs, make you more delicate and beautiful. Various occasions, including weddings, appointments, shopping, parties, etc.
Easy to Carry: Small and portable; you can put it in a bag for use anytime, anywhere.
Hair Finishing Stick: Apply and collect all broken hair. Whether it’s a date or a critical moment of commuting, you can use our hair dye stick to make loose hair disappear and maintain complete confidence! ! Give you a magical effect!

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