Pure Argan Real Facial Premium Massage Cream
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Pure Argan Real Facial Premium Massage Cream

Apr 16,2021 23:43:48 UTC

Three precious experiences nature gives to our hearts, and six valuable experiences nature gives to skin.
It is a message from nature to deliver 9 precious experiences such as pleasure, surprise and touching experience nature gives to us including moisturizing, elasticity, nourishment, purity, and cleanness it gives to skin.
It performs a very important role in skin care. Cleansing thoroughly before falling asleep assists in removing waste collected for a day to make pores breathe and to help skin revitalized. By maintaining skin rhythm, this activity helps skin get clean and transparent, and skin texture becomes smooth, which leads to vibrant and healthy skin. Thus, cleansing (massage) is the first step to skin improvement.
It contains a healthy message from nature. Ecocert-certified sandalwood (white sandalwood extract), bilberry extract, aloe vera and purity 100% argan oil etc. protect skin from foreign toxic environment to keep skin healthy. And moisturizing and soothing effects through water/oil balance allow skin to keep healthy.
Pure Argan Real Massage Cream removes skin waste arising from all kinds of toxic environments, sebum and old skin cells etc. which are easily produced due to abnormal skin circulation to revitalized tired and rough skin. In addition, purity 100% argan oil and vegetable ingredients fully provide nourishment and help to maintain skin water/oil balance through enough massage for around 5 minutes. Also, the formula is Deep Clear Massage Clean with a soft feeling of use to recover smooth skin functions to keep skin transparent and luminous.

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