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May 17,2021 04:41:06 UTC –

★ scraping acid / blasting fat / / meridian dredge / health care network / soothing pressure / scraping detoxification / improve orange peel tissue / slimming shaping / facial lift / beautiful legs hip.
★ Compared with traditional methods, massage to lose weight can activate the skin, restore elasticity, and release fat. The product introduction effect is remarkable.
★ Electromagnetic vibrating head, vibrating massage head with magnetic field, will generate magnetic field, vibration and heat when working. Significant improvement and relief of symptoms such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, insomnia and lumbar cervical spine pain.
★ Through vacuum negative pressure and photoelectric combination, the lymphatic channel is unblocked, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, blood circulation is accelerated, and toxin metabolism and nutrient absorption are accelerated.
★ Not only can you reduce fat, but you can also absorb negative pressure. Relieve pain, health, and thus relieve acid.