[VISS Hair Triple Pack] Scalp Massager, IONTO-T Serum, Oriental Herbal Therapy Solid Shampoo Bar – Micro-Circulation LED Light Therapy for Healthier Scalp and Follicle




Oct 07,2020 23:01:07 UTC –

Radio Frequency & LED Combined Technology : Viss Scalp Massager boasts the most effective treatment with its 1 Mhz high frequency creating heat in the deep layer of the scalp and its 700nm LED light stimulating blood circulation, thereby promoting hair growth.
Vibration & Spring Acupressure Leads : The elasticity of springs helps to massage the curved scalp evenly and deliver high frequency more effectively. When the leads are in touch with the skin, LED, radio frequency, and vibration function automatically starts.
IONTO-T Serum : Ionized nutrients from different oriental herbs can improve hair and scalp condition. Nutrition for scalp and Maintaining scalp healthy. Cooling & blood circulation enhancing effect with menthol. Soothing effect from lavender aroma oil. Aloe vera and glycerine extracted from vegetable oil hydrates and protect scalp from dryness and itchness and cure dandruff.
Oriental Herbal Shampoo Bar with Anti Hair Loss Patent Including 100% Natural Ingredients : Strengthens hair roots with Chinese medicinal herbs and get rid of dandruff. This anti-dandruff and anti-fall bar promotes healthy hair growth and helps restore lost hair. Natural oils nourishes the hair and scalp and encourages thick full and voluminous looking hair.
Rechargeable and Easy to Use Anytime, Anywhere