Tea tray Wujinshi Simple Natural Stone Tea Table Simple Household Tea Tea Set Chinese Kung Fu Simple and Noble (Color : Black, Size : 100x40x3cm)




May 17,2021 02:54:24 UTC –

♥【Natural stone making】: Kungfu tea tray is made of Wujinshi, The stone is dense and delicate, the color is black and bright, the curve is smooth, and the quality is restrained, Calm.
♥【Super texture】:Stone Kung Fu tea tray looks solemn and serious, more reflects its texture and reflect the taste.
♥【Experience Life】: allows you to take out delicate tea trays/tea sets in your busy life, carefully tea and taste your life, making your heart more quiet, stable and more enjoyable.
♥【Drainage is convenient】: This kungfu tea tray design uses a tilt drop, tea can automatically flow into the drain hole position, not easy to accumulate water, drainage is smooth.
♥【Long service life】: The natural stone tea tray can be used for decades, It is very strong and durable, It can carry your beautiful look and moisturize your life.