Sterling Seal CFF7175.2000.062.300X10 7175 50-60 Durometer Full Face Gasket 20″ Pipe Size, 1/16″ Thick, Pressure Class 300#, 20″ ID, Polymer: Polydimethylsiloxane, Silicone (Pack of 10)




Oct 06,2020 23:06:05 UTC –

You will get maximum performance from our gasket materials when you use our gasket installation procedure. [1] clean and inspect the flanges, surface or parts that require gasket
Clean or replace your bolts, nuts & washers. Lubricate the bolt’s, thread, nuts, washers and the underside of the head with graphite based compound
Flat washers are recommended to assure even distribution of the bolting force. Ensure lubricant doesn’t contaminate gasket. Carefully insert the gasket between the mating surfaces
The use of a torque wrench is highly recommended. This assures a longer life and leak free performance. Whether an automotive head gasket or a flange gasket, it should be torqued
Make four even increment passes in a 12-6-3-9 o’clock pattern sequence. The appropriate stress on the gasket material you use is key to its success which varies depending material chosen