SDC – PerioKit Gum Therapy Kit with Antimicrobial MouthRinse, Toothpaste, CoQ10 Gum Gel, Tongue Cleaner | Solution for Painful Bleeding Gums




Oct 15,2020 14:30:19 UTC –

Kit includes 1 PeriokitEXCEL, 1 DioxiRinse set, 1 Tongue Cleaner, 1 Ultrasoft Tooth Brush, 1 DioxiBrite Anti-microbial toothpaste
Is Quickly Absorbed in Oral Tissue and Gums. Helps to Recondition Damaged Gums
It is not another antiseptic – it actually gives your gums the nutrition they need to get healthy again after the ravaging attacks of pathogenic (bad) bacteria. – Usually Ship Within 24 Hours
Provides Vital Nutrition for Gum Regeneration
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