Redmond – Earthpaste All Natural Non-Fluoride Vegan Non GMO Real Ingredients Toothpaste, 4 Pack (Peppermint Charcoal, Peppermint, Lemon, Cinnamon)




Oct 07,2020 08:27:07 UTC

NATURAL CLEANER – Earthpaste naturally polishes away surface stains without any chemicals or additives
NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS – No Fluoride, No SLS, No Coloring, All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free
SAFE TO SWALLOW – Each ingredient in Earthpaste has been used to support healthy body systems, so while we don’t recommend eating it, you won’t have to worry if your toddler decides to make it a snack
NO POISON WARNING – Ever wondered why most toothpaste tubes include a poison warning? Not earth-based we never add sodium fluoride as others do in fact every ingredient in earth paste has been used to support good health
UGLY YET LOVELY – Amazingly natural toothpaste. Earthpaste is the ugliest toothpaste you’ll ever love. Most toothpaste includes the same chemical used to make paint and vinyl fences white. If it looks like mud at least it’s healthy delicious mud. Once you start brushing you’ll notice that earth paste doesn’t foam like other toothpaste That’s because earth paste doesn’t have foaming agents