PJDDP Scalp Massager, Shampoo Scalp Massaging Brush, Pet Brush, Silicone Comb Rubber Bristles Anti-Slip Scalp Shower Hair Brush Two-Piece Set




Jan 05,2021 21:02:43 UTC –

Shampoo is dispersed through specially designed holes on the wash surface: this excellent three-in-one modification tool helps to wash cats or dogs in short coats. This brush is also suitable for shed short-haired dogs. It can easily lift and remove dead hair while helping the soap extend to the hair roots. Pets like to massage when shampoo rubs against their fur.
Completely replace your fingers: The scalp massage brush is made of high quality and durable ABS and silicone. Avoid touching the scalp directly with your nails. Protect your scalp and nails.
Unique mane design: The scalp massage brush has 2 kinds of bristles, which provide stimulation to the scalp and increase microcirculation. The bristles are designed to have a pointed tip that can deeply cleanse the scalp; the outer 26 bristles are soft and protect the scalp without messing up the hair.
Powerful cleaning ability: The scalp massage brush makes it easier to make more foam. Helps remove dandruff and prevent shampoo residue, which can make your hair dull.
Perfect handle design and anti-slip: closer to your fingers to prevent falling off. When there is too much shampoo, you don’t have to worry about being too slippery to grab the scalp massage brush.