Pearly White Pen™ | The Original Teeth Whitening Pen! with Our All-New Formula | The Best Way to Whiten Teeth. Fast. | Easy, Affordable, Reliable Whitening on The go! (The Original | 1 Pen)




Jan 10,2021 01:38:08 UTC

THE NEW WAY TO WHITEN FAST — Whitening Teeth has never been easy… Until Now! The all new Pearly White Pen is a high-end whitening pen that is easy to use & works fast. All it takes is a few strokes per tooth—then you let the whitening fluid do its magic—and 2 minutes later you can get on with your day! (But don’t eat until 1 hour later)
AFFORDABLE WHITENING IS FINALLY HERE — The Pearly White Pen was developed by a group of dentists looking to make whitening MUCH more affordable for the average person, because when we have a chance to smile, we shouldn’t have to hide those Pearly Whites! We recommend only using once daily for the first week. Then you can begin using the whitening pen two times a day (once in the morning, and once at night) to really get those pearly whites shining!
OVER 2,500 #PEARLYPATRONS ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT — So many of our customers come back again, and again to buy our whitening pen because it is the most affordable option when it comes to having a beautiful smile!Once you try it for yourself, you’re guaranteed to have a whiter, brighter, and pearly-er day! We at Pearly White Pen want you to have the smile you deserve! Always.
A SMILE IS WORTH A THOUSAND PHOTOS — “I never went to my dentist to get my teeth whitened because I was afraid of taking on credit card debt just to improve my smile… Then I stumbled upon Pearly and let’s just say I smile WAY more often. Thank you to the Pearly Fam for making me feel happier, and bringing a brighter smile to my face everyday.” –Hannah from New Haven, Connecticut
WHY CHOOSE US? — It’s actually quite simple! We reinvented the way you whiten. That means the usual whitening fluids that highly expensive dental institutes use—during a long-whitening session, prescription whitening and more—are now at the touch of a revolutionary pen! That’s right, it’s that same super duper expensive stuff, but it’s actually not as expensive as you think. We are here to democratize white teeth, because you deserve a brighter smile!