Oral cleaning Intelligent electric toothbrush is suitable for adult sonic electric toothbrush, rechargeable, magnetic vibration sonic vibration motor, replaceable brush head, Rechargeable multimode-Wh




Oct 07,2020 02:42:04 UTC –

Sonic electric toothbrush with high efficiency, brush clean high-efficiency magnetic suspension sonic motor high-density rust-free metal-free hair brush head brushing pattern brushing posture recognition and report generation, high-efficiency magnetic suspension sonic motor brings strong cleaning effect to teeth, good electric The toothbrush must not only have high-frequency vibration, but also have strong power. High-performance magnetically suspended sonic motor with more than 31,000 vibration
The power output torque is up to 230gf.cm, so that the power not only stays on the high-frequency vibration of the motor, but also transmits it to the brush head more efficiently. Even when the brush head is attached to the teeth for brushing, it still maintains strong power and drives the water in the mouth. The toothpaste foam forms a small pulse of cleansing force, which impacts the interdental space and achieves a stronger cleaning effect.
31,000 vibrations per minute, 230gf.cm torque output, high-performance magnetic suspension sonic motor for strong cleaning of teeth. Small brush heads seem to be loose, but completely different from ordinary brush heads. The brush head adopts a rust-free and metal-free high-density planting process, and the bottom of the brush is formed by heat fusion, and the bristles are fixed on the brush head by using the upper part of the brush head.
APP control, personalized custom brushing method, personalized customization can be based on different daily life habits and diet to develop their own brushing time, brushing strength, and different oral care functions, through the settings can also be upgraded mode and function, to meet more Different brushing needs
The safe and convenient charging base, universal USB interface, automatic identification of metal foreign objects, sonic electric toothbrush adopts universal USB interface, which can be directly connected to mobile power, computer and other equipment for charging. At the same time, the charging base can automatically identify the sonic electric toothbrush and high-power charging. When detecting metal foreign objects such as rings and coins, it will automatically enter the low-power mode to preve