NA Whitening Automatic Toothbrush Dental Grade Teeth Whitening Healthy Gums and Smile Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable (Color : D)




Oct 06,2020 16:59:02 UTC

Three Modes: Tooth whitening, massage and daily cleaning are available to suit your teeth and gums in different conditions.
High Frequency Vibration: Its vibration frequency can reach 10560-30228Hz per minute, which can remove plaque and stain better than traditional manual toothbrush.
Free Hands: U-shaped silicone brush head design. 360 ° all-round brushing helps to clean the surface of the teeth and the internal direction.
Whitening: Blu-ray automatically turns on when brushing teeth, effective removing calculus, plaque, and making the mouth fresh and healthy.
With Toothbrush Disinfection Box: The function of the box can be either rechargeable or UV-sterilized.