[KOYUDO collection]【SBK-2SS】Super Saibikoho Kabuki Brush S-size (Branch cherry Blossoms)




Oct 06,2020 22:04:06 UTC –

This Kabuki shape makeup brush is made of “Saibikoho” which is the softest hair among the goat hair.
The makeup brushes of KOYUDO are made with its own techniques making use of a calligraphy brush, so that the quality of the makeup brush hair is smooth and it has the extra shininess which an ordinary goat hair doesn’t have.
The diameter of this makeup brush tip is Φ30mm, the biggest size among powder brushes. You can experience a wonderful feeling on skin with this makeup brush with the high density of the best goat hair.
The handle is made of a ferrule and cherry wood and has the “makie(gold/silver lacquered)” of cherry blossoms pattern, it expresses an elegant Japanese luxury.
Bristle length: 40.0 mm , Total length of brush: 118.0mm