Hot Air Comb Hair Dryer Hot Air Brush Volumizer Iron Blow Hairdryer Straightener Curling Comb Styling Tool with Interchangeable Brush Head




Oct 16,2020 06:43:39 UTC –

The negative ions released by the hot air comb can increase the moisture of the hair,reduce the damage of the hair,nourish the hair,completely eliminates frizz and enhances shine for silky smooth hair,without static electricity.
Hair curling & straightening brush is designed with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles for easy detangle grip of your hair.The 632° swivel cord allows high flexibility to move freely without the cord becoming tangled and damaged.
Use it as a hair styler,volumize your locks,make your hair curly or wavy and straighten it of course.Perfect for dry as well as wet hair and all hair types.Efficient & Time Saving for salon blowouts at home.
High heat to thick hair,low heat for fine hair,flexible setting to lock in your beautiful hairstyle.This volumizer can be placed closer to the scalp for lift.
Flexible,non-tangled mane to help dry,smooth and style hair.Hair Dryer Brush is Very suitable for family use.