Hot Air Brush, Hair Dryer Brush 2 in 1 Multifunctional Salon Anion Hair Dryer Brush Comb Styler Hairdressing Tool Dryer Styler for Rotating Straightening and Curling




May 12,2021 17:47:24 UTC –

♡2 IN 1 HOT AIR COMB: Suitable for straight or dry hair, unique ventilation holes, dry hair faster, humanized design, front heat insulation, more convenient operation, dry hair step by step, make hair styling, reduce the time by half , And reduce thermal damage.
♡ION CONDITIONING HAIR CARE: The hot air comb will release negative ions for curing, which can increase the moisture of the hair, reduce the damage to the hair, help reduce static electricity and frizz, and make the hair soft and shiny. The uniform heat distribution can quickly penetrate the hair and dry from the inside out, helping to prevent the hair from over-styling.
♡HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: High-quality material handles, easy to grip, are ideal for hair styling, can cover a larger surface area to speed up the styling speed, suitable for salon use and household use.
♡EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: The professional hair dryer comb is very comfortable and easy to operate. It is suitable for various hair styles such as dry hair, straight hair and curly hair. It does not wind nylon hair, does not massage the tip, and the effect is better. Take care of the scalp and hair. Suitable for all types of hair. Suitable for salon use and household use.
♡EASY TO CARRY: The product is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, does not occupy space, and is very suitable for home or salon use, and when traveling on business.