GYGJXIZ-Z ZWJssyds Electric Toothbrush, Household Intelligent Waterproof Rechargeable Toothbrush, All-Round Cleaning




Oct 16,2020 05:28:53 UTC

▲ High-frequency vibration magnetic levitation motor, clean brushing, intelligent overpressure reminder, personalized custom tooth cleaning mode, not hurt the gums, meet various oral needs, no rust and metal brush head, clean and efficient
▲ Because of bad brushing habits and eating habits, modern people have more and more oral problems. Wrong brushing methods, sweets, tea, tobacco, alcohol, tooth decay will affect the quality of life, how to brush your teeth correctly? Today, electric toothbrushes provide you with a brand new answer!
▲ Strong power, efficient teeth cleaning, vibration frequency 31000 times / minute, easy to remove stubborn stains between teeth.
▲ After the motor is upgraded, the volume is smaller, the noise is lower, the vibration is smaller, and the brushing experience is more comfortable.
▲ Deep cleaning of the blind area of the oral cavity * The torque output of keeps the bristles at a stable swing angle of 10 °, driving water and toothpaste foam to form a small pulse force in the oral cavity, affecting tooth gaps and cleaning stubborn tooth plaque.