Generic Brands 1 Set Reusable Upper Lower Teeth Whitening Denture Silicone Simulation Teeth Brace Set Dental Teeth Cover Tool Accessories|Teeth Whitening|False Teeth




Oct 06,2020 07:48:07 UTC

Analog design, it looks natural. It can be firmly fixed on your teeth and feel comfortable to wear. Beautiful dentures will make you smile.
Environmentally friendly materials: made of high-quality materials. Non-toxic, healthy and safe to use. When you wear it, you can smile freely, drink alcohol and smoke, which will make you feel unwell.
Special customized shapes can cover curved, stained, missing and broken teeth.
It is an excellent alternative to expensive braces. Moveable, reusable temporary smile.
Very suitable for taking pictures. Suitable for covering irregular, stained, missing and broken teeth.