Full-Automatic Variable-Frequency 360 ° Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Automatic Toothbrush Teeth Cold Light Whitening Device for Daily Cleaning




Oct 08,2020 08:59:32 UTC

& rejects “pseudo-blue light” and damages teeth. Many cheap and inferior beauty instruments emit “pseudo-blue light”, but ordinary long-term blue light illumination has not only no catalytic effect, but also damages gums and enamel.
& Ergonomics, design of the tray, the support of the tray is high, comfortable to wear, close to the surface of the tooth to avoid stimulation of the tooth nerve.
& Whitening Condensation combines high-intensity blue light wavelengths, through the fiber channel and the essential tubules of the teeth, to produce redox effects on the surface and deep layers of pigments deposited over the teeth, allowing the teeth to return to undyed white.
& food grade ABS material, IPX7 international grade waterproof, material through international FCC certification, 100% waterproof, more convenient cleaning, to ensure oral hygiene.
& 4 different plugs, easy to use, link mobile phone is easy to carry, ready to use.