Fruity Booty – Intimate Odor Neutralizing Balm – Immediate Smell Protection for Your Butt, Bikini Zone, Balls, etc. – Natural Leave-On Formula with Aloe & Fruit Essences (Peach)




Jan 06,2021 16:20:44 UTC –

✔ LET THE SUNSHINE IN – Transform your “valley of shadows” into a blossoming orchard! Never settle for feeling insecure or embarrassed when just a dab of our balm will instantly have you fresh and fruity down below. Nothing is more attractive than confidence, so have fun with our playful natural aromas.
✔ LOVE HOW YOU SMELL – Have you noticed that even after a good shower, if you don’t apply underarm deodorant it doesn’t take long to detect a whiff of BO? Now imagine your booty! Wet wipe and bidet users, this applies to you too. You’ve done the work of getting clean, why not guarantee you’ll stay fresh for hours with a bit of balm? Go beyond clean to kissable 🙂
✔ OSMOTIC DEODORANT – Behind every foul smell, there is bacteria. Instead of harsh chemicals that can also harm the body, our balm is nontoxic and works by absorbing the moisture bacteria need to grow. Using aloe vera and fruit essences, our balm leaves bacteria starved of water and foul odors absorbed. By the way, our clear no-residue formula uses NO aluminum, silver, talc, baking soda or parabens.
✔ UNDERWEAR CARE – After a hard workout or long day at work, your underwear has been through a lot. Applying Fruit Booty to the underwire of a bra on the bottom of your thong will work wonders in keeping odor and discoloration at bay.
✔ OUR GUARANTEE – Fruity Booty is not a perfume; it’s made to bind to bad odors so only fruit scents come through. Give it a try and see for yourself! Fruity Booty is 100% sourced and made in the USA, in support of small businesses. We provide hassle free returns if you aren’t happy for any reason, and we’re here if you have any questions.