FJFJFJ Multifunction Hair Regrowth Comb Vibration Hair Regrowth Hair Growth Massager Can Imported into Liquids Scalp Massage,Black




Oct 07,2020 06:20:13 UTC –

★ Hair care to prevent hair loss:Comb liquid box can be added with hair lotion, hair conditioner, etc., through the ball comb teeth directly to the hair root, to achieve the effect of hair protection and hair loss prevention.
★Vibration massage:Shake the scalp of the brain, promote blood circulation, relax the brain and relieve nervous tension Removable independent liquid bin
★Easy to add liquid:Gently press to remove the liquid cartridge, remove the liquid cartridge, open the small yellow lid, add liquid, nutrient solution, etc. It takes only 10 minutes to complete the drug once.
★Uniform liquid discharge:17PCS alloy elastic ball teeth, precise processing, effective liquid area 20 * 50mm, efficient and uniform, directly adhere to the scalp
★Disassembly and cleaning:Remove the water tank, rinse directly with water and clean. Dry the liquid and return it to the body for next use.