FDC Wireless Remote Massager 2800A (Helmet Type), Pain Relief Relaxing Apparatus




Oct 08,2020 06:48:11 UTC –

HELPING HUMAN TOUCH – Using air pressure, heat compress, and finger-like kneading applied to your head and eye area, the massage helmet effectively loosens your tight nerves and muscles. It feels like actual human hands are caring and soothing away all your stress and fatigue.
INSOMNIA RELIEF – Our minds can be too active at bedtime, preventing us from getting to sleep. The helmet uses techniques to help reduce stress, such as massaging the top of the head and soothing the scalp, creating a relaxing bedtime routine to help the body unwind and encourage restful sleep.
SOOTHING SOUNDS – To add to the tranquil and calming therapeutic head massage, the helmet features built in sounds to add to the overall relaxing experience. Choose 1 of 3 sound styles: Wellbeing, Ambiance and Nature to help you relax. Includes built-in speakers, earphones and remote control.
FITS ANY SIZE HEAD – No need to worry about the size of the helmet vs. the size of your head. It is ergonomically designed for a cozy and snug fit and fully adjustable making it comfortable to use for any head size. Everyone in the family can enjoy a soothing head massage.
CONVENIENT TO USE – It is cordless and portable with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged straight from any power outlet or via any usb port such as a computer or your mobile phone charger. Keep one at home and at the office and even bring it on work or family trips.