Eyebrow Hair Removal Machine, Multi-Functional Tattoo Pigment Removal Beauty Machine, with LCD Display Desktop Dilute Freckle Whitening Beauty Device Face Skin Care Tools




Oct 07,2020 18:52:47 UTC –

Tattoo eyebrow remover: Tattoo eyebrow remover will not harm hair follicles and normal skin, will not damage normal tissues, will not leave scars, but will only fade the pigment. It can effectively treat exogenous pigmentation and internal pigmentation formed by mixed pigments Source pigmentation lesions.
Multifunctional: The eyebrow removal tool can remove the black and blue pigments in the eyebrows, eyeliner and lip line, remove tattoos, birthmarks, age marks, vasodilation and vascular disease types.
Improved efficiency: The three-combined cooling function can speed up the heat dissipation and make the system penetrate deeper into the dermis. The pigment particles absorb light energy and explode sharply, breaking into small pieces, reducing the color density and eliminating it.
Pure touch color screen, you can directly see the operation process, more simple and convenient, remove freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, marks, facial spots, can also be used as body excess hair (growth period), including smaller ones Light-colored hair.
Easy to operate: the internal handle structure is more stable, the infrared light guide is added to correctly align the target tissue, the eyebrow remover is easy to carry, easy to operate, and can be patrolled; lower cost and wider use can be used to quickly obtain return on investment .