Double-Sided Non-Woven Fabric Hair Removal Wax Strips,Wax Paper




Jan 10,2021 03:48:43 UTC –

* ã€Hair removal wax】Brazilian wax. It is recommended for those who have weak skin due to razor or hair removal cream, who are not good at the stinging and tingling after hair removal and want to keep the skin smooth for a long time. The ready-to-use depilatory tape can be waxed from the root to achieve a clean, dry and smooth effect. Similarly, it can be expected that repeated use can improve hair quality.
* ã€Smooth skin/mild】Safe and mild additive-free organic wax. Therefore, even if you feel nauseous, you can keep your skin gentle. It can also be used to remove fragile hair. Suitable for men and women with sensitive skin, you can enjoy smooth and soft skin.
* ã€Naturally added】There are 3 flavors: chamomile, aloe and rose. Beeswax and natural plant extracts can care for delicate skin. You can choose your favorite natural, mild and non-irritating flavor.
* ã€Easy to use】Just wipe the wax strips on your body with your hands and use them separately. Remove excess hair easily. Considering that it can be used alone at home, it is a water-soluble wax that is easy to clean. You can wash it with skin or clothes.
* ã€How to use】It can be used from the neck to the whole body, including the fragile parts. Do not use it on the limbs, armpits, lips, bikini, etc. [Caution] Be sure to read this content before use. Note: Do not use on injured or inflamed skin. Do not use perfume, soap, antiperspirant or sunbathing within 24 hours after hair removal.