Daily Rejuvenation Essentials Serum Set by Leven Rose, Pure Organic 100% Natural Anti-Aging Oil Series for Everyday Collagen & Elastin Boost for Fine Lines and Wrinkles Regimen Kit (Set)




Oct 07,2020 03:13:02 UTC –

ARGAN MORNING SERUM – Protects skin from daily UV sun damage with mild SPF, combats signs of aging & reduces dark spots.
VITAMIN C BRIGHTENING SERUM – Builds natural collagen while lightening age spots & reversing sun damage.
ROSEHIP NIGHT SERUM – Deep overnight moisture recovery, reduces scars, sun damage, age spots & stimulates collagen.
DAILY REJUVENATION ESSENTIALS – Natural solution for healing + wrinkle reduction for a firmer, clearer complexion.
MADE IN THE USA – Proprietary blends made for maximum age fighting, skin recovery, and chemical & alcohol free results.