Buttock Lift Shaping Set, Plant Extracts Buttock Lifting Patch, Eliminate Stubborn Fat, Moisturize Skin, Works for Quickly Butt Tightening Shaping, Perfect Ideal Gift for Women (2PCS)




May 16,2021 06:36:45 UTC –

The hip-lifting patch is mixed with pure natural herbs and hyaluronic acid to promote blood circulation, increase fullness, easy to absorb plant ingredients, powerfully moisturize and hypoallergenic, and can be effectively and safely enhanced by deep infusion of full nutrients The firmness and contour of the hips. Safe for all skin types.
Rich in antioxidants, just apply the patch to improve skin elasticity while deeply moisturizing, and make your buttocks smoother and firmer. Anti-cellulite, anti-wrinkle and restore skin elasticity deep nutrients can enhance smoothness, continuous use can stimulate collagen and cell tissue activation.
Natural lifting, firming and sculpting. A round and energetic buttocks can be seen enlarged, lifted, and bouncing within 15 to 30 minutes, eliminating the relaxation, orange peel and flatness caused by aging, unhealthy lifestyles, etc.
How to use: Before applying the patch, clean and dry the buttocks. Peel off the plastic liner and apply it on the buttocks. Let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove the mask and gently massage the remaining essence until it is completely absorbed.