230ML Large Capacity Portable Water Dental Floss Household Tooth Cleaning Water Dental Floss Pulse Water Flow Deep Clean Teeth LMMS




Oct 06,2020 20:02:04 UTC

9 product advantages: miniature gentle water column, taking care of people with gum pain. Three-level cleaning mode, clean teeth step by step. 230ML increased capacity water tank, no need to add water frequently. Food grade material selection, FDA certification standards. 4 types of special nozzles, customized oral solutions. IPX7 waterproof, worry-free cleaning. Long-lasting battery life, portable and easy. Simple design, comfortable grip. Intelligence and stability, peace of mind to accompany.
Portable flushing device: The pulsed water flow of the flushing device can clean the depth between the teeth that the bristles cannot reach, or the cavities caused by tooth decay, keep the mouth fresh at all times, and show a confident smile.
More comfortable than dental floss sticks: the flusher (water floss) rinses the teeth with pulsed water and massages the gums at the same time, bringing you a more comfortable SPA experience than dental floss sticks.
Small impulse water jet travels between teeth without barriers: using portable flushing device the small 0.66mm pulsed water column can easily take away harmful microorganisms and food residues between the teeth and gingival sulcus, and even the damaged parts of the teeth caused by tooth decay can be washed.
Comfortable pressure setting: The water pressure range of the portable dental flusher is kept between 20~140PSI, and the comfortable pressure setting can massage the gums, promote blood circulation, and strengthen the oral cavity.