Pretty Vulgar - Nail Liquor, Cruelty-Free, Tickle my Fancy (Periwinkle)
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Pretty Vulgar – Nail Liquor, Cruelty-Free, Tickle my Fancy (Periwinkle)

Oct 27,2021 20:50:52 UTC –

💅 SMOOTH & SHINY FINISH – Make your nails look perfectly groomed with this self-leveling polish. The built-in top coat produces a high-gloss shine that looks super classy and sophisticated.
💅 STREAK-FREE APPLICATION – The shiny 2-in-1 polish comes with a curved nail brush applicator. This allows for more controllable strokes, making color application more even and precise.
💅 LASTS FOR DAYS – Minimize the need for changing or reapplying nail polish with this long-wearing product. Be it with one or more coats, the color will stay vibrant and seamless for a week or more!
💅 SOLID, SATURATED COLOR – Available in a variety of stunning shades, this glam nail polish provides full coverage in colors that will truly dazzle. Definitely a must-have beauty essential!
💅 SAFE 3-FREE FORMULA – Toxic chemicals in nail polish could harm nails and overall health. Not this one. It is free of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, and Methylene Glycol or Formalin.

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