Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Honey Review

Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Honey ReviewBe Beautilicious

Today’s review is about Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Honey. Parachute has extended their body lotion collection this winter. The Honey variant, which I am reviewing today,  is among the newly launched ones.

Parachute is a well known coconut oil brand in Indian market. They use coconut oil and coconut derived fatty acids in all their products including body lotions. I have dry body skin. Winter coldness makes my skin even drier.

It’s  previous body lotions were super hydrating. That’s the reason I am giving this new lotion a shot. Let’s see if Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Honey could satiate my dry skin or not.Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Honey Review

About Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Honey

Get naturally soft and smooth skin all year round with Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion. This body lotion has been crafted for normal to dry skin, to provide it with nourishment and hydration.

Enriched with the goodness of proven natural moisturizers like honey and coconut milk, it penetrates deep into skin, fighting signs of dryness and restoring moisture, and leaving skin soft, smooth and silky.

This quick absorbing body lotion has a light, non greasy texture that conditions and softens your skin without leaving behind any residue. Its mild fragrance will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Honey Review

Packaging: This body lotion comes in a pale yellow plastic bottle. I have bought the biggest size. This size comes with pump. This lotion has one more size available. The smaller size comes with flip cap.

The bottle is sturdy; it won’t break easily. The ergonomic shape makes it an easy to grip product. I keep my lotion in the shower; products slip off easily in the dampness of shower area. This lotion bottle is free from such hassles.

Coming to the informative details mentioned in the package; Parachute has listed all the ingredients in the back of the pack. All the active and inactive ingredients are there in this list including preservatives. 

Colour & Consistency: Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Honey looks white in colour. Its consistency is thick and creamy. It doesn’t feel oily or sticky on application.

However, you need to massage it a little bit more to get it absorbed into the skin. It is among the heavy moisturizer lotions for the body. That’s why it provides lasting nourishment. It is not a product for summer time.

It might make your skin sweaty in humid weather. Let me tell you something about thus one. It is not a paraben free product. Though it’s a mineral oil free body lotion, it does include parabens as preservative. 

Fragrance: Fragrance is always a plus point for Parachute body care products. This lotion too has a soothing and mild floral smell. The fragrance, though added, does not feel strong and unbearable to my sensitive nose.

The smell doesn’t last long on the skin. But you can smell the traces of fragrance on your clothes for some hours.

Quantity & Price: Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Honey is priced at Rs.280 for 400ml. This is a moderately priced body lotion in the Indian market. Vaseline, Nivea etc. brand lotions are far more expensive than this.

If you are buying this odd season, you can get up to 40% discount. I always stock 1-2 bottles of body lotions in the end of season sale. It saves a lot of my hard earned bucks! 

My Overall Thoughts

Parachute’s body care range has a body massage oil and an array of body lotions. You’re supposed to give yourself a relaxing body massage with the oil before bath and follow your shower routine up with body lotions according to your skin type.

I don’t get much time for body massage everyday; I directly apply body lotion after shower. I apply a big dollop of the lotion on my skin. I give myself a quick massage with this and I am good to go for the day. This lotion is thick enough. If I am applying it on slightly damp skin, it locks moisture pretty well.

I don’t get scratchy dry skin or any other skin irritation due to dryness. This rich lotion works for my skin type. I don’t have body acne issues. So, I am not the best person to tell if it would induce body acne or not.

This Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Honey has become my favourite go to winter body lotion because of its soothing fragrance and nourishing formula. 

Rating: 4/5

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