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NILINMA Folding Chair. Massage Chair Electric Massage Chair Household Multifunctional Music Capsule Elderly Sofa Massager (Color : Beige)

May 11,2021 03:37:58 UTC –

User-friendly design: built-in speaker with Bluetooth connection. The roller slides from the upper back to the underside of the seat. The rolling system provides a full body massage. The massage chair is perfect for noise problems and gives you a quiet massage experience
Bluetooth music: 3D stereo surround sound, enjoy Bluetooth massage music synchronization, full body airbag wrap, surrounded by surrounds, we need to care in every place with multiple airbag sets, and enjoy a comfortable massage
Body Detection System: After sitting down and pressing the power button, a body scan is automatically performed to measure the length of your spine, and the chair adjusts the massage accordingly
6 kinds of smart massage: adjust the massage time and enjoy it at any time. Stretch in the morning, stretch and be full of energy. Rest at noon, 0 gravity rest and relax. Rejuvenate at night, eliminate fatigue and restore strength
Space saving and modern design: The space-saving technology is only 10 inches from the wall. This massage chair has been carefully designed and styled to fit the living room, home theater, balcony and office. All designs are designed to give you the perfect massage experience

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