NanoKplex by Nanokeratin System Pro Kit, 10fl oz X 4
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NanoKplex by Nanokeratin System Pro Kit, 10fl oz X 4


By formulating new generation patented M460P biomimetic technology, Nanokeratin system laboratories have created NanoKPlex – a new advanced series integrating fresh Milk and enabling hair to heal itself during and after chemical processes back to its natural state.
NanoKPlex is a creator, multiplier, reinforcer & stabilizer of all hair bonds as Di-Sulphide (Sulphur) & Van der Waals.
NanoKPlex emulates natural hair process by enabling hair to recuperate itself by finding single sulfur bonds and cross linking them back together to form Di-Sulphide (Sulphur) bonds during and after the following chemical processes: Colouring, Bleaching, Highlight,Japanese Straightening, Chemical Straightening, Chemical Permanent Curling.
NanoKPlex advanced 2-stage In Salon Hair Recuperation Service & 2-stage Home Care complementary Service bring a multitude of benefits regaining hair perfection – healthy, elastic, lustrous, silky and manageable.

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