MEG 21 Bright & Firm eye Treatment, 0.5 oz
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MEG 21 Bright & Firm eye Treatment, 0.5 oz

Oct 27,2021 02:51:56 UTC –

Scientifically formulated, rich cream moisturizes and firms delicate skin around eyes and reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dark circles
Doctor-formulated and ophthalmologist tested on sensitive eyes and eyes of contact wearers of 35 women. 97% report less visible wrinkles, fine lines around eyes. 100% report reduced puffiness
Formulated with Supplamine, a unique combination of ingredients, clinically proven in over 9 independent clinical trials to resist sugar-causing skin aging
Infused with 2 botanicals proven to brighten eyes and decrease puffiness
Allergy tested, non-irritating. For all skin types and for eyes that have “it”—bright, ageless, alluring”

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