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Lzour 3D SL-Tratk Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner with Body Scan Fucntion,Bluetooth and Breathing Light,White

Apr 23,2021 08:49:19 UTC –

INTELLIGENT BODYSHAPE DETECTION:Accurate measurement of height and shape before massage,Massage chairs according to the human body’s height and shape It can detect the massage curve path suitable for different body shapes, which is accurate and in place according to different people.
SL-TRATK:(SL-shaped track) with massage rollers traveling from neck to waist, Vibrations and airbags for the bottom;The thirdgeneration of anthropoid SL extension shaft,Fit the body curve in all directions, massage every part of the body
3D Intelligent Induction Manipulator:3D INTELLIGENT INDUCTION MANIPULATOR:Cervical spine pain is no longer a problem, feel more realistic, intelligent mechanical automatic adjustments
RELAX NECK:Shoulder and neck probe forward stretching massage experience;6-25cm adjust-Stereoscopic coverage of the entire back
SAVES SPACE:One button for ward slide saves space,Laydown at a 180 degree.Free body stretch

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