JJ CARE UV Sterilizer for Salon, UV Light Sanitizer Box, UV Sterilizer Machine with Stainless Tray for Spa and Beauty Tools, Salon Tool Tabletop Sterilizer Cabinet

Dec 02,2021 17:43:08 UTC –

✅ MULTIPURPOSE STERILIZER BOX: Our salon quality sterilizing box can be used for a wide variety of professional and household items. The perfect equipment for your nail beauty shop, barber shop, tattoo shop and even in your home. It’s a great for your personal items such as makeup brushes, manicure set, underwear, scissors, hearing aids, cell phones, toothbrushes, utensils, small toys, baby bottles, pacifiers and a lot of other accessories.
✅ COMPLETE CYCLE IN 5 TO 30 MINUTES: With dimensions of 13.77”L x 8.66”W x 10.03”H, our dependable disinfection cabinet is the perfect partner in your restaurants, labs, and offices. It’s a sterilizer machine with an interior measuring 9.84”L x 7.48”W x 7.08”H. Simply open the lid, place your items in, and press the start button once closed. Set the timing function between 3 to 30 minutes to complete a total cycle!
✅ FASHIONABLE AND ECONOMICAL: We’ve developed a reasonably priced tool sterilizer made of high quality glass and stainless steel metal built to last. It’s shielded door blocks sterilizer rays from leaving the unit.
✅ STERILIZE WITHOUT CHEMICALS: For professionals, it’s a sure way to attract more customers. This industrial cleaning method is the same one used by labs, restaurants and offices. It uses safe, invisible light with reflective light from all corners without the burning smell. Its 12-inch long replaceable bulb produces advanced LED light with 254nm wavelength. Long-lasting up to 10,000 hours!
✅ INTELLIGENT INDUCTION SWITCH: People want to stay longer because of this extra benefit. The sterilizer has been designed with a light indicator when in use. It has an intelligent Induction Switch which automatically turns off the LED light when you open the door cover. **EPA Establishment#: 97294-CHN-1

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