Kitsch Slick Small Spiral Hair Ties, Hair Coils, Hair Bands (Nude)
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Kitsch Slick Small Spiral Hair Ties, Hair Coils, Hair Bands (Nude)


Always a Kitsch favorite our small slick hair coils. With the perfect colors for all hair, Kitsch designed coil hair ties allow for no crease leftover in your hair. Made of smooth plastic phone cord spiral construction, these hair ties help to prevent tangling and hair breakage when removed. Kitsch’s phone cord hair tie design spreads the pressure of your hair over a larger surface, which helps to prevent the horrible ponytail holder lump and kink that regular hair ties create.
Small slick hair coils are non-absorbent : This allows you to wear them while swimming or in the shower without absorbing all the water – unlike the elastic metal hair bands that stay wet after a shower around your wrist. Slick hair coils mean no more wet hair ties! Kitsch Small Nude Hair Ties can easily be removed from wet hair without losing any of your beautiful locks.
For all types of hair : Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, and beyond, these style great with any type of hair. Straight, curly, fine, thick, short or long, SLICK HAIR COILS are great for all volumes! Make sure you’re taking care of your hair and preventing breakage with these Kitsch designer coils.
Stylish and trendy: Use Kitsch Slick Hair Coils as an accessory around your wrist and eliminate that ugly elastic band that only breaks your hair off anyway. Style your hair up in a ponytail, a braid, or bun – these slick hair coils are here to assist. Kitsch has designed this pack of small nude hair ties for your everyday needs. Kitsch has the coils for you!
Made for you: Designer Kitsch Small Slick Hair Coils Nude are made with premium materials, good vibes, and love in Los Angeles. Kitsch is a self-financed, women-owned company. Kitsch has your trendiest must-haves this year.

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