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JAPONESQUE Men’s Classic Slant Tweezer

Aug 03,2021 10:22:00 UTC –

PROFESSIONAL TWEEZERS FOR MAXIMUM CONTROL: The sharp, slanted tips make it easy to shape brows, while the ergonomic design and textured handles give you extra control while plucking
QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: These precision tweezers are crafted from high-grade stainless steel, so they stay sharp longer and won’t rust, giving you flawless hair removal.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Position JAPONESQUE tweezers comfortably in hand. Grip brow hair at the root and pull in the direction of hair growth. Store in a protective case between uses.
QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Hand-sharpened tips and perfect alignment securely grabs each hair at the root.
JAPONESQUE MEN’S ESSENTIALS: A skillfully crafted line of grooming tools that effortlessly enhance any man’s lifestyle.

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