Jacqueline Piotaz The Regenerating Cream & Mask, 1.7 oz
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Jacqueline Piotaz The Regenerating Cream & Mask, 1.7 oz

Oct 25,2021 06:53:44 UTC –

PLUMP AND PERFECT YOUR SKIN FROM WITHIN: Derived from six rare fruit and flower extracts, this lavish daily cream and enriching mask promotes cellular regeneration to plump and perfect your skin from within. Our closely guarded Alpine formula nourishes the face to visibly lift, firm, and smooth the complexion.
CELLPOWER EXPERTS: The CellPower Experts target individual signs of aging and fortify delicate skin with our blend of plant stem cells, enzymes, acids, and essential oils. Each CellPower Expert is a luxurious skincare specialist formulated to be highly effective in its specialty and in combination with all Jacqueline Piotaz collections. Firm, plump, and smooth your complexion for a visibly younger-looking, perfected appearance.
CELLPOWER EXPERTS: Lavish your skin in our most concentrated formulas to achieve dramatic lifting and regenerating effects. As the skin matures, it loses tone and elasticity, resulting in deep wrinkles, sagging, and a tired complexion.
PLANT STEM CELLS: We use plant stem cells to use rare, protected plants without destroying the plan. These plants include: swiss apple, gamay grape, alpine rose, argan, crocus, and edelwiss
THE PIOTAZ FAMILY SECRET: Jacqueline found her grandmother’s journal which led her to discover skincare remedies using rare plant species. From deep roots in the Swiss Alps, this exclusive family secret is now available for your timeless benefit. Enter a world of snowcapped mountains, where time stands still and anti-aging skincare helps your skin repair itself for a strikingly younger-looking complexion.

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