Bounce Curl Light Creme Hair Gel Lotion (8oz)
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Bounce Curl Light Creme Hair Gel Lotion (8oz)


This light formula will not weigh down your hair, allowing you to create volume
Contains holding ingredient to help define curls, giving you the power to control any style you want
Mostly a gel with a little bit of cream; it will leave your hair feeling weightless and it will lock your curl shape for a long time, reducing frizz
Powerful holding technology always gives best looking curls!
Bounce Curl is a proud member of the Think Dirty app, an app that allows users to learn about potential hazards of product ingredients, including those with known cancer-causing agents, hormone disruptors & allergens. It gives products a rating from 1-10. A rating of 0-3 indicates product is very GREEN and CLEAN! ALL Bounce Curl products earn a 0-3 rating!

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