111SKIN HARLEY ST. LONDON Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask Box, 5 x 30ml
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111SKIN HARLEY ST. LONDON Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask Box, 5 x 30ml

Oct 20,2021 16:10:04 UTC –

111SKIN’s Rose Gold Brightening Facial Mask features a fusion of soothing 24k gold, antioxidant-rich extract of rosa damascus, and hydrogel to brighten, repair, and hydrate the complexion. The hydrophilic structure has superior adherence to the face, allowing a high concentration of the clinically-inspired elixir to work on winter-induced sallow skin.
Dehydrated skin can leave it looking tired, flaky and unhealthy. We all understand that this day and age our working lives are so hectic but don’t let yourself get to this level. If you have reached this level then don’t worry we can help get your skin rehydrated buy simple using our top of the face sheet masks.
Our face masked come with pre-cut holes for your eyes and mouth to ensure a nice comfortable fit. Once applied just wait 10-15 minutes whilst all the goodness from the masks is absorbed into your skin. If after you remove the mask there is still some residue left behind on your face, use your finger tips to gentle work it into your skin.
With our face sheet masks packed so tightly together, you can easily keep these in your handbag or hand luggage when travel as they take up little to no room at all. This makes this process extremely easy as you no longer have to cart around a complete arsenal of beauty cosmetics.
Light and thin Tencel material. The essence permeates into skin easily by soaked in rich serum thin mask sheets. The serum is clear and not sticky, sensitive skin and oily skin can be assured to use. It will bring you a wonderful experience by our facial mask treatment in every time.

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