1 GALLON Pure Organic Cold Pressed Unrefined Extra Virgin Moroccan Argan Oil
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1 GALLON Pure Organic Cold Pressed Unrefined Extra Virgin Moroccan Argan Oil


Oil comes in a food grade f style jug Oil color: deep golden, odor: nutty
Our Pure Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and contains omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids that provide nutrition for hair. In addition to these, it also contains Linoleic and oleic acid that helps to hydrate and moisturize hair. Argan oil is able to penetrate the hair shaft and repair damaged hair follicles. It is immediately absorbed by the hair and it restores the lost moisture. It increases shine of lackluster, dry hair by locking in the moisture.
One of the greatest things about argan oil is that it is non-greasy, and won’t weigh down hair or make it limp. It is ideal for taming rough, dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. Since it is light and almost weightless, there is less probability of build up. It restores the lost luster from too much hair straightening and other chemical treatments, helps keep the color vibrant and to prevent dryness in color treated hair, acts as a shield from harmful UV rays and protects the hair from environment
Argan Oil is often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ and justly so. Imagine a product of fruits that are so nutritious that goats climb trees just to feed on them. The precious oil extracted from the fruits of the native Moroccan plant, the Argan tree, is very rich in important nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, Omega-6 fatty acids, linoleic acid and anti-oxidants. These properties make the oil appropriate for skin and hair care. It is a very popular ingredient in many anti-aging products.
Some of the many benefits of Argan oil in beauty therapy include diverse uses like: – Skin moisturizing – Skin toning – Healing acne – Hair conditioning – Preventing stretch marks – Anti-aging – Hand, feet and nail treatment – Soothing razor burns and bumps Skin moisturizing – Argan Oil absorbs quicker, leaves no oily residue and is safe and gentle around the eyes. Vitamin A and vitamin E in the oil keeps the delicate areas around your eyes moisturized and reduces wrinkles.

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