YUEWO 32~160L Wine Making Kits Moonshine Still Water Alcohol Distiller Brandy Grape Vodka Spirit Essential Oil Distillation Home Brewing Kit With Water Pump Thermometer 304 Stainless Steel




Sep 12,2020 09:08:54 UTC –

【Moonshine stills】 -A complete distillation equipment,with two installation methods(Vertical&horizontal)suitable for beginners or expert distiller,easy to handle and installation.
【Material】-8K 304 Stainless steel ; Pot bottom add 2.5mm Steel plate,more solid and durable.
【Features】-Use Copper pipe tube as the observation tube,it can bear high temperature,and it’s range bigger than round mirror observation,no matter how much the water is, you can see the water level and avoid to burn the pot. Build-in thermometer(Fahrenheit&Celsius temperature),Water pump,and can be Removable condenser, water Seal ring,Specialized welding 304 stainless steel steaming tablets.
【Advantage】-45 degree cone lid,The best ratio of purification, alcohol molecules and water molecules easier to separate, wine is more pure, does not contain any impurities and harmful ingredients;2.48 square of the cooling area(for 32L,capacitiy bigger, cooling area larger), cooling effect is 3 times than others,and it is detachable and washableness, distilled wine purity High, taste better.
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