Yatan Premium Lifestyle Kit (Stainless Steel Neti Pot Nasal Rinse Kit, Tongue Scraper for Oral Hygiene & Yatan Yoga Book)




Sep 11,2020 16:34:31 UTC –

SIMPLIFY YOUR DAILY ROUTINE: The Yatan Premium Lifestyle Kit contains a range of unique Ayurvedic health products to make implementing your Morning or Daily Health Maintenance Routine easy!
HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS: Our Neti Pot & Tongue Scraper are in long lasting, easy to maintain 18/8 stainless steel. Both products have been designed with form and function in mind – attractive, effective and simple to use
YATAN YOGA UNIQUELY APPLIES THE WISDOM OF AYURVEDA TO CREATE YOUR YOGA PRACTICE: Understand your Ayurvedic Body Type and how to balance it through Yoga – a practical guide to sustaining good health and harmony.
COMPLETE NASAL RINSING KIT: Our Premium Ayurvedic Rock Salt and Yatan Nasal Oil provide a complete solution to keeping your nasal passages free of congestion. Use the salt in our neti pot to create a saline solution.
BENEFITS : Clears nasal passages for improved breathing – important for meditation practice and daily life! Can help to reduce nasal dryness, flush away dust and other pollutants. By clearing nasal passages of congestion, facial pain and pressure will ease. By daily use of a Tongue Scraper you can gain better oral health, and improve your sense of taste and enjoyment of food. Maintain that fresh feeling you get after cleaning your teeth!