wosume Scalp Care Spa Machine, Hair Care Scalp Spa Therapy Machine Head Massage Fumigation Physiotherapy Instrument(US)




Sep 12,2020 01:23:33 UTC –

【Powerful Functions】Traditional herbal water circulation therapy to prevent hair loss caused by aging of the scalp, using photon therapy to soothe the head, relieve stress and fatigue, and deeply care for the hair and scalp.
【Powerful Functions】Dredge hair follicles, remove sebum embolism, supplement hair follicle nutrition, activate hair follicle cells, promote hair follicle metabolism, and maintain healthy hair. LED color light mode, can effectively activate hair follicles, promote hair regeneration, prevent hair loss if you use it for a long time, remove dandruff, and care for hair.
【Easy To Use】Independent fumigation pot, easy to add water, water temperature gear adjustment, smart remote control for remote operation, high safety performance.Comes with shower head, 72 holes stainless steel surface, easy to use.
【Exquisite Design】Humanized designs, universal wheel at the bottom of the instrument, you can move the instrument to different places, easy to store.
【Suitable For】Suitable for different places such as hair salon, beauty salon, etc.Scalp massager, simulated human massage, multiple massage head, stimulates the head acupuncture point, relieves the fatigue.