Tooth Cap Gold-Plated Rhinestones Hollow Two-Tone Hip Hop Gold Braces Teeth Grills for Teeth Mouth Gift




Sep 11,2020 20:20:52 UTC

Brass + Premium Real Gold Plated.
Easily completed in one minute, we have included an easy-to-follow instruction sheet that will make your teeth shine in minutes!
The dental grill bring hip hop style every time you open your mouth,great for photo shoots, video shoots or wearing to the club.
Cool design, hip hop style, show your personality,Shiny dentures are the hip-hop generation, the most dazzling and representative decoration of rappers.
One size fits will fit 99% Of the people,our silicon molding bars gustom fit to the shape of your mouth, so that means it fits to most mouth sizes, even with crooked teeth! this means that regardless of the shape of your mouth, you can still get a custom fit!