Robot Massage Chair, Multi-Function 0 Gravity Space Shake Massage Chair-Suitable for Legs, Neck, Head, Back Rocking Heating Function-Outdoor Patio Leisure Comfortable




Sep 12,2020 08:42:44 UTC –

BACK MASSAGER MASSAGE CHAIR:has heating and vibration function to relax back muscles, suitable for family and office use
MASSAGE AREA PLUS SOOTHING HEAT: Rotating and kneading, real massage therapist’s finger-type movement of the two-node simulation.
NEW MULTIFUNCTIONAL FULL BODY MASSAGE:Massages your back, waist, arm, shoulder, buttocks, calves and feet. Zero gravity function, this function means that when you sit down in the chair and recline it, it does that in a way that makes you Feel weightless, while you rest and enjoy the massage.
HEAT SCANS SHOULDER WITH MICRO ADJUSTMENT: Heated pads are built into the waist area to mild warm your body. This effect increases the efficiency of the airbag massage, thus increasing circulation even ther.Massage Motors can be adjusted to help you relax and also aid by increasing circulation.
MANY MASSAGE MODES:kneading massage, Shiatsu finger pressure massage, Tapping massage, Rolling massage, Airbag massage, vibration massage. Hot compress.