Portable Household Telephone Hair Remover, Soft Skin, Suitable For Whole Body, Quartz Lamp Tube, Size 30x25x20cm The effect is good




Sep 11,2020 15:00:40 UTC –

Do not apply any skin care products before operation. Before the operation of the instrument, the staff should wear protective glasses. The eyes should not look straight at the flashing light or shine directly on the eyes. Starting, debugging gear from weak to strong, slowly adapt. Without damaging the skin. Can strengthen gear position. (the higher the gear, the better the depilation effect).
Do not touch hot water for 2 hours after hair removal.
Before using the instrument, the body hair of the depilating part should be shaved and cleaned. After the hair removal of the skin, you can rub some moisturizing products. (don’t apply anything else, including a facial mask.) You can apply a cold compress.
Depilation site, within 24 hours. Avoid uv exposure and apply sunscreen during care.
Black and brown skin cannot be used if judged. Will automatically detect the skin, skin detector when the detection instrument is contact with the skin is only applicable when the handle at the top of the green light will normally on ㏒ : hair removal, do not overlap hair removal, after can be in operation side, at the edge of the repeated operation 2-3.