Organic Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder – Made in USA Coconut Charcoal – Safe Effective Tooth Whitener – Better than Strips, Gel, Whitening Pen or any Whitening Toothpaste




Sep 12,2020 07:39:44 UTC

EXTRA BIG – each jar contains 3.5Oz (100g) of tooth powder, it’s enough for 350+ uses, or approximately 6 months with twice per day brushing
QUICK RESULTS – up to 2 tones in 1 week, we guarantee that you can see difference after your first time using this powder
MADE IN USA – all our products are made in USA safeguarded by the highest manufacturing standards in the world (GMP & BCR). It guarantees the highest quality of our goods
SAFE ON SENSITIVE TEETH – zero side effects, our refined charcoal powder is made to prevent sensitive teeth from being damaged, it was RDA tested and proven to not damage teeth enamel
NATURAL TEETH STAIN REMOVER – coconut activated charcoal has the highest adsorption power & the best effectiveness in removing impurities, stains from coffee, tea, wine & tobacco